Tofino offers a world-class surfing experience in one of the most beautiful wilderness settings in the world, and Nalu House is well known as one of the sweetest surf pads in town. Perfectly situated steps to South Chesterman beach, and a few more steps to North Chesterman, Nalu House offers walking distance surfing for all swell directions. Cox Bay is a 5 minute walk at low tide. Otherwise it's football field paddle away or a 2 minute drive to the parking lot. Long beach is a 10 minute drive. The nearest surf shop and gear rental is 2 minutes away.

Stoke the fire in our epic wood-burning sauna before you head out to the surf and have it waiting all toasty for you upon your triumphant return. Hose down your wetsuit in our wetsuit rinsing area with hanging racks and jump in the hot tub or sauna or both to warm your bones and soothe those tired muscles.

And check this out. Tofino has finally been given it's props in the world of professional surfing hosting it's first ever international surf competition, The O'neill Cold Water Classic was held in Tofino and was a huge hit amongst the pro surfers.

Here's what Australian former World Tour surfer, Jarrad Howse had to say about the Tofino stop on the tour. "Canada has been the event on everyone's lips since the schedule appeared at the start of the year. Everything about the place stokes me out, the surf, the scenery and the wildlife. I can't imagine surfing with a backdrop 

of snow covered-mountains, Orca's in the water and black bears roaming around on land. Are you kidding, this has to be the coolest competition professional surfing has ever witnessed."

We also have 2 hot & cold outdoor showers, wetsuit hanging area, and waxing stand.